Can I Build an Annexe on my Tennis Court?

21 April 2019
by Jay Kumar


I have brought a house on very large plot of land in green belt area. Just out next to the house is a full sized hard surfaced tennis court with high fence so it must have had planning at some stage for this.

I want to build an annex on the tennis court linking to the house with rooms above. Also there is a permanent double garage set between house and tennis court, which could be used as the link.

Can I get planning for this? Any suggestions be grateful, as I’m undertaking a full remodel extension hopefully including an annex if possible.

One Answer

  1. Mike Dade says:

    The key issue here relates to your local council’s policy for extensions to houses in the Green Belt. Most councils in Green Belt areas have specific policies which set limits on the amount of extension allowed, as compared with the ‘original dwelling’. The ‘original dwelling’ is usually defined as the house as it stood in 1948 (yes, 1948!) or if built since, as built. Government policy guidance talks about Green Belt extensions not being disproportionate to the original dwelling. In practice there is considerable variation in how policy is interpreted and how much extension can be allowed. Good design is essential and can help a marginal case slide through. Building on the tennis court is a god idea, a court being both hard surfaced and enclosed to some degree. However, it doesn’t change the Green Belt policy position. Your best bet is to enlist the help of a god Architect who is familiar with Green Belt constraints, and who can hopefully match both your and policy expectations.

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