Can we reclaim VAT after Brexit?

29 January 2019
by Archive User

Hi there,

We are currently building in Northern Ireland and buy the windows and internal doors from Germany.

Mike Hardwick has written the Guide to Claiming Back VAT, which includes information when buying from Europe. This is from 2015, when there was no problem to claim VAT back. Do you have information if that will still be possible when Brexit happens?

Looking forward to your reply.



One Answer

  1. The DIY reclaim is a process run by HMRC in the UK for UK residents, so my guess is that Brexit should have no bearing at all.

    At the moment, you can reclaim VAT paid at the port of entry from any materials used in your build wherever it was sourced, so whether the country is in or out of the EU should make no difference.

    You may, however, have to prove that any import duties due have been paid, in the same way as you do now for materials imported from non-EU countries.

    Mike Hardwick, Build It Expert

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