Do I need to put up Fencing for Site Boundary Security?

18 April 2019
by Nigel Townsend

I have a plot which is completely surrounded by other properties on three sides and private land (including a river) on the remaining side. Access is via a shared drive. Existing boundaries have a mixture of close boarded fencing, picket fencing and wire fencing.

I'm unsure whether I need to erect fencing all round in order to meet the HSE requirements to "take steps to exclude unauthorized people" given that they would have to trespass over other people's gardens to access it other than through the main gate. Many thanks.

One Answer

  1. Tim Doherty says:

    This is a practical assessment to stop both unwanted pedestrian and vehicle access to your site. If there are existing boundaries which are sizeable deterrents, i.e. close boarded and wire fences adjacent to your neighbours, then additional security fencing should not be necessary. However, you must also take steps to stop your neighbour’s and their guests from accessing your site and so any gaps in wire and picket fencing should be made secure. Perhaps also put some hazard tape on stakes above any lower picket fencing so that it is totally clear that you plot is a temporary construction site.

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