Can we seal the drainage inspection chamber?

26 February 2019
by John Smallwood

Our house had a detached garage originally.

Many years ago, the previous owner decided to join it onto the house and add two bedrooms above.

We were given permission to build a larger and wider garage directly to the front of the original one, which is now a single bedroom.

This was entirely satisfactory when we had three sons living at home and well worth the effort and expense.

I now plan on using some of the new garage space as a utility room with 8m2 to play with of the old garage.

I see this as straightforward except that when the original house was built, the drainage inspection chamber was moved into the garage. If I go ahead and knock through to the house, the floor level will be raised and I need advice on how to deal with this inspection chamber.

It is not a branch but turns toward the external sewer. If possible, it would be preferable to seal it completely.

One Answer

  1. You will not want to seal the inspection chamber permanently as access may be required given that it is a change of drain direction.

    But, on the basis that physical access is unlikely and undesirable, you can purchase fully air tight manhole lids which can then have your floor finish inserted into the lid but retaining accessible screw fixings were access ever needed.

    Tim Doherty, Build It expert.

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