Can a ground source heat pump provide hot water?

26 February 2019
by Elizabeth Holt

I'm planning for a major renovation of my converted barn home.

I intend to add a ground source heat pump but can't find information about whether this system can supply domestic hot water. If it can be supplied by the same system, is this an efficient way of achieving a hot water supply?

And would it need a bulky storage tank? Would it be better to have a separate dedicated hot water supply system?

2 Answers

  1. Yes it can and normally does. It’s slightly less efficient when providing DHW as you need to raise the temperature to a higher level than with space heating but still far better (factor of about 2.5) than using resistance heating (immersion heater).

    Don’t forget to install a solar water heater – low tech, made in UK, does about 50% of your hot water needs. Relatively cheap if effectively building from new.

    Nigel Griffiths, Build It expert.

  2. The first demand for a heat pump is hot water.

    It will keep hot water temperature up to 50 degrees with out bringing in any immersion heaters only when doing legionella cycle.

    Over sizing the coil in the hot water cylinder well help with the re-heat time of the hot water capacity which will help the efficiency of the heat pump.

    A good sized ground array would allow for any drop of performance when doing hot water demand.

    Hope this helps.

    Andrew Louth, from GroundTherm.

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