How can I get power supply to my garage?

9 November 2021
by Andy Carrington

My garage has no power supply and I am wanting to install an electric vehicle charging point on the front of my garage. To get power from my property to my garage I would need to lay a power cable under my neighbours parking space.
Can I ask my neighbour for an easement in which to lay the power cable?

2 Answers

  1. Anamika Talwaria says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your question. I have passed this on to our expert team and will aim to get an answer over to you ASAP.

    Anamika Talwaria (Build It features editor)

  2. James Bryden says:

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve recently had an installation from Pod Point for our electric vehicle – they took a feed of armoured cable directly from the service head / main meter location, so not from the distribution board. This might be an option dependent on where the main meter is located.

    If you have to run a “service” across someone else’s property you will need an easement of some form and I would suggest getting solicitors to draw one up as it will need to belong to the property for long term maintenance access etc even if at some stage you move house. I would also suggest that it is run in a duct with a drawrope so it is easy to replace or add to (for example, add a data cable to your garage).

    It’s worth noting that the charger points are most effectively used linked to your household wifi which lets you track and manage charging times (so it only charges at off peak rates for instance) – possibly a data connection of some kind maybe helpful if the wifi does not reach to the garage.

    James Bryden (MD, CLPM)

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