Can We Change an Inaccurate EPC Rating?

28 August 2019
by Archive

We were fortunate to have our new build home front cover featured in your July 2012 edition, The modern manor. We were pleased that you included our energy saving ethos and they have proved to be very successful.

The income from the pv panels very nearly covers the cost of all our utilities (gas, elec. water and sewage). Unfortunately we are on the move and therefore required an EPC assessment. This turned out to be a D rating.

The assessor said that he doesn’t use the actual figures available but uses a ‘generic house’ which bore little similarity to our home. The construction was nowhere near ours except that it contained wood!

He over estimated the energy used per annum by 300%. This assessment now resides in a government database. I would be interested to know if you have had any similar issues with other ‘eco’ type builds that your magazine frequently features. Can we change this rating?

One Answer

  1. Nigel Griffiths says:

    Nice house. Common problem with EPCs – the Assessor has the ability to override the default settings but rarely does so. If you get a new correct EPC done, it will be the main one that shows up on the database as far as I know, though the older ones will still be there.

    The rdSAP process is not really designed for Passivhaus Haus or thermal mass construction – so hardly surprising.

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