Sourcing Cement Cladding

3 April 2018
by Lindsay Nicol


Our house is clad in a log profile machined from 2"x8" CLS. Whilst this looked great with a stain finish, over the years it darkened and we opted for a solid paint finish instead. This turned out to be poor option as the finish is relatively smooth and we have a saline atmosphere close to the sea and exposed to harsh weather conditions.

As an alternative, I thought I might find a supplier of cement board that might make a log profile of the same dimension. I have contacted James Hardie and am waiting on a reply. Are you able to give me any pointers/ other suppliers that might be worth a try?

One of our other issues is that we used Valti water based paint, which doesn't seem to weather well. Are there any other products that you would recommend as being more durable?

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  1. Tim Doherty says:

    Coastal properties are a problem for corrosion and I remember getting caught by this with window ironmongery which all had to be upgraded to stainless steel.

    As far as weatherboard is concerned , you could try talking to Marley Eternit who have a brand called Cedral Weatherboard which they promote for coastal situations. The US have thousands of timber clad properties along their New England coast line so there must also be importers of appropriate product from across the Atlantic. I cant help much with the best types of paint but perhaps a natural hardwood may also be another good option?

    – Tim Doherty, Build It expert

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