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Cupaclad rainscreen cladding systems offer a revolution in cladding applications for natural slate. The systems offer a new durable, sustainable and easy to fix alternative with a unique character.

The use of highly durable tectonic slate, new fixing systems and rainscreen cladding efficiency make Cupaclad a competitive, totally sustainable alternative for cladding any type of facade.

Cupaclad systems have been developed to be able to adapt to any kind of project combining alternative fixing methods and slate formats.

101 series invisible fixing

Our series of Cupaclad 101 natural slate rainscreen cladding features invisible fixing systems.

  • 101 Logic: Simple and balanced
  • 101 Random: Dynamic and creative
  • 101 Parallel: Uniform and regular

201 series visible fixing

Our Cupaclad 201 stone cladding combines stainless steel clips with natural slate texture to give a touch of modernity and reduce installation times compared to other rainscreen cladding systems.

  • 201 Vanguard: Modern and efficient


Cupaclad systems enable the construction of efficient, sustainable rainscreen cladding. A life cycle analysis, which allows you to analyse the overall environmental impact of a product, confirms Cupaclad as the ecological option for facade cladding, thanks to the use of natural slate instead of prefabricated products.


Now considered one of the most efficient system for construction envelope purposes, the combination of a ventilated system together with an insulation system gives numerous advantages in terms of thermal and acoustic properties. It avoids thermal bridges and condensation issues.


The quality of our product lies in our total control of the entire production process (from extraction to shipment) and by putting in place the highest quality and environmental policy requirements demanded by ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental certifications.


Cupaclad reinvents the traditional technique for placing natural slate, offering greater simplicity and significant savings in installation times.

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