Cupa Pizzaras

Our slate covers more than 200 roofs per day, in every corner of the globe.

Cupa Pizarras natural slate is the product of choice for thousands of architects and roofers, and covers some of the most iconic buildings around the world.


Used since roman times, slate is an outstanding material that has stood the test of time. Extraordinary longlived, remarkably durable, fire resistant and naturally waterproof, natural slate is simply the highest quality roofing material.


Natural slate has less environmental impact due to its simple manufacturing process. Once extracted, natural slate simply needs to be cut to the required size and packaged for distribution.


Slate is a naturally beautiful material that can be found in various shades of black and grey depending of its composition. Our slates cover some of the most iconic buildings around the world, and enhance the value and beauty of any property.

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