Glass walkway

Working closely with a private client to deliver an external steel balcony with walk on glass was an exciting project for Glass & Stainless. Common Farm is a Cheshire country house, built in the 1960s, with a beautiful view over the Cheshire plain and down into the external pool below.

The Brief: 

Set into the side of a hill on the county border with Staffordshire, the property’s balcony was to create a space from which the occupants could gaze out onto the countryside on a lovely summer’s day. However, it also needed to act as an external walkway connection between the bedroom and the living space next door.

In order to achieve this, we chose to create a frameless glass balustrade. This meant creating a frameless channel which could support a a 21.52mm toughened laminated clear glass with a EVA interlayer. This option offers crisp views and a minimalist design that doesn’t detract from the expansive views out into the countryside.

The Work:

Externally, we chose to use both a powder coated channel and a powder coated steel frame. Powder coating is used to improve the metal’s durability and resistance, a major benefit when the structure will be subject to a variety of weather conditions.

The walk on glass is 33.52mm toughened laminated glass held up by a galvanised steel frame. Glass & Stainless have used a variety of glass and finishing techniques in creating the different elements of this project in order to give the client exactly what was requested

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