Large attic room

A steading conversion on the Isle of Bute is letting simplicity lead the way, with pared-back natural materials playing a supporting role to the beautiful landscape.

Glecknabae is a C-shaped steading on the north-west of Bute, first converted in the early 90s and updated by Dualchas Architects. A clean, linear layout connects the various elements of the property, with large glazed openings making the most of the incredible views towards Arran. Upstairs, Russwood Brushed Extra White Oak flooring has been used to stunning effect in a showstopper bedroom studio.

Situated in the barn loft, the low ceiling height was turned from design challenge into design statement by continuing the flooring up onto the walls. The natural texture and light shade of the oak creates a warm and intimate effect, with boards precisely fitted for a clean but powerful design statement.

The Scandi-inspired palette of brushed oak, stainless steel, off-white walls and slate continue throughout the barn, creating a cosy but contemporary feel. The more traditional features of the steading are preserved and enhanced, with Russwood Unfinished Brushed Oak Flooring laid on the ceiling and stained on-site to a warm, natural finish.

Rory Flyn of Dualchas Architects said: “Russwood were, as always, very knowledgeable and easy to deal with and helped us select the best products and specifications for the required purposes.”

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