Camhanaich is a single-story home in rural Aberdeenshire designed by Fiddes Architects as a comfortable retirement home for their client. The building’s form is a staggered H-plan, which combines a contemporary feel with reference to the agricultural vernacular of the local area.

When it came to selecting materials, Fiddes Architects turned to Russwood: “In our opinion Russwood very much lead the way and offer the gold standard as far as timber products go.”

The exterior is clad in Russwood Thermopine Cladding, a durable timber product that can withstand the harsh northeast winters. The cladding was given a Microtex finish – a fibrous surface finish designed to provide optimal performance for coating – before being factory coated in Ebony, which contrasts with the softer pink hues of the local granite and zinc.

Inside, the home features Russwood Brushed Washy Grey Oak flooring, which adds a welcome dash of warmth.

Fiddes Architects said the Russwood team were “extremely helpful and knowledgeable” at every step of the build. “We always feel confident recommending their products to our clients as we know they have great durability, and can meet various bespoke design requirements of our projects.”

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