Double height glazing on house by Schueco

In any residential building, aluminium and glass complement each other perfectly. They are ideal for creating the minimalist look that complements contemporary and traditional architecture and for providing a light, airy and calm space where you can sit back and relax.

Wherever it is placed, a Schueco panoramic design facade – with ultra narrow sightlines and larger all-glass areas will create an elegant feature statement, as versatile in use as it is thermally efficient in design.

A recent innovation is a glass-to-glass corner solution. This has considerable aesthetic benefits since it looks stunning from both inside and outside and in addition, greatly increases the transmission of light into the room.

Years of experience and close attention to design detailing mean that a Schueco facade system combines quality, form and functionality in a single harmonious whole.

Schueco panoramic design facades come in many different versions including a super-insulated system that achieves Passive House certification, delivering thermal insulation values as low as 0.79 W/m2K.

This means that cold spots and draughts are eliminated, allowing you to enjoy the drama of a large glass façade while still staying warm and comfortable on the coldest of winter days.

And, of course, efficient insulation also leads to lower fuel bills, a point that everybody has to consider especially with the increased cost of energy.

Where ventilation is required, a Schueco panoramic facade can incorporate slim-framed Schueco panoramic design windows. Operating either manually or mechatronically these are an attractive and practical way to ensure a free flow of air around a property.

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