handmade clay tiles

Winner of a 2014 Build It Award, Tudor’s  ‘Handmade Clay Peg and Plain Roof Tiles’  have a natural quality and aesthetic appeal that will make your roof unique!

Genuine craftsmanship

 Made from the finest English clay and crafted by hand using skills that have hardly changed over the ages, these authentic sand-faced clay tiles have a distinctive ‘old world’ character, which is much sought after as, being individually made, no two tiles are ever exactly the same.

Their subtle variation in colour, camber and texture can only be achieved through painstaking handmade processes, where each tile is carefully hand-pressed, moulded and trimmed and then kiln-fired for exceptional durability.

Once blended together they create a striking roofscape that will add individuality, distinction, and value to your home. Furthermore, they weather and mature with the passage of time, becoming even more attractive!

Local Authority planning and conservation officers often favour our peg and plain tiles in conservation areas and on listed buildings, where preserving the historical and architectural integrity of a property is paramount.

 Our range comes in ten mellow tones, in double or single camber and in a variety of standard and non-standard sizes to suit your particular project.  Additionally, we offer a range of ornamental tiles, matching accessories, ventilation options and bat access tiles.

Made for quality

 All Tudor roof tiles are CE marked to EN 1304:2015 standards for frost resistance, water impermeability, size and flexural strength.

Furthermore, the face of each tile is inspected for quality colour and flaws and then ‘rattled’ to hear if it has any flaws. Random sample tiles are subjected to testing for size, strength and water absorption. Guaranteed to last, our tiles come with a 25-year performance warranty.

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