Red brick house with chimney

Tudor Roof Tile’s handmade hanging and decorative wall tiles are a very stylish and practical way of adding character, individuality and long-term value to modern self-build homes as well as the renovation of older or period styled properties.

The tradition of hanging roofing tiles vertically, dates back to the late seventeenth century, when they were used as decoration as well as insulation and weather protection on the first floor and upper storeys of buildings.

Our handmade clay tiles have the same quality of craftsmanship and ‘olde world’ charm as the peg and plain tiles of yesteryear.  Made from the finest English clay, no two tiles are the same, but have a natural time weathered appearance and subtle variations in shape, camber and colours, which will help make your home truly unique.

Vertical tiling can be arranged in various configurations:  in header or stretcher bond patterns, in different tones or combined with ornamental tiles (clubs, fishtails, bullnose, arrowheads etc) for decorative effect, and are often used to add fine detailing on dormers, window cheeks or between bay windows.

If you are refurbishing your home, using hanging tiles as cladding is an attractive way of ‘covering over’ the irregularities in the underlying walls, whilst minimising rain penetration and increasing thermal insulation. Our hanging tiles are used to clad complete walls or even wrap round entire buildings to create bold looking modern homes with a real ‘wow’ factor!

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