Handmade clay tiles

Tudor Roof Tiles received a 2018 ‘Build It Award’ for its ‘Bespoke Handmade Clay Roof Tiles’,

At Tudor we have the capability to produce traditional looking roof tiles in bespoke and non-standard sizes to help preserve the appearance of old and listed properties or alternatively bring creativity and individuality to modern buildings.

Bespoke plain and peg tiles for older properties

When restoring a historic roof, it is vitally important to match the exact sizes of the original rooftiles, as even the slightest deviation can destroy its overall appearance.

In 1477, a Royal Charter of decreed that English clay peg tiles should all be made to a standard size of 10½” x 6½”, however in reality peg tiles varied until the late 19th Century, when they standardised at 10” x 6”.

As the sizes of peg and plain tiles found on historic buildings vary significantly, we make peg and plain clay tiles in bespoke sizes, with a gentle camber, subtle tones and textures and a time weathered appearance, which is sympathetic to older buildings.  We can even tailor our peg tiles to include either square or round peg holes to accommodate a variety of wooden or metal pegs, or simply include standard nibs on the back for more modern methods of construction.

Bespoke roof tiles for modern buildings

Our technical ability to make highly unusual shapes and sizes from architect’s drawings has also won favour on modern self-build homes as well as architectural projects, where a unique design can add value, individuality and enormous visual appeal.

An outstanding example of this is the spectacular new roof at King’s College Music School in Wimbledon, where the unique diagrid pattern on the roof is made up entirely of handmade plain tiles and bespoke shapes and sizes created from architect’s drawings – to amazing effect!

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