This customer in Surrey made his purchase of 115mm half-round gutters with 80mm round downpipes in copper on the website without any assistance. But when we saw the size of the order we gave him a call anyway – just to make sure he had found everything he needed. The rafter brackets ordered were replaced with fascia brackets but otherwise, he was satisfied with the experience.

He told us: “I must say I was quite nervous spending close to 4K on a product sight unseen, but this is clearly a very high-quality product and can’t wait until it’s installed… The components are solid and beautifully manufactured. Top-notch. I have also been impressed by the follow-up calls… It’s been a pleasure dealing with your company.”

Copper is often overlooked or not even considered for rainwater systems in the UK. This is, in part, due to its fairly low use in the UK in the past. Copper has been much more widely used in other countries and has a proven track record of longevity – almost the most durable of all materials – even exposed to harsh marine environments, or to run off from wood shingles, copper performs incredibly well. Copper is not only durable but also offers a stunning aesthetic choice that just cannot be matched by other materials. Consumers looking at the long-term impact on the environment recognise it makes sense to put up something that won’t need replacing for 50+ years.

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