When you approach the home, you’re greeted by a sleek, 3mm anodised aluminium video door station (VDS), with a discrete 130 degree HD camera, meaning there is no hiding from it!

The system storages images from 10 seconds prior to touching the ‘call’ button, including the call itself, for easy playback. That way you never miss a call.

When you are home, you have the option of answering the call from one of the touch screens, personal smart phones, or tablets. High definition video, and two way speech from the VDS, enables you to decide who you let into your home.

When you are away, you can still answer calls with a smart phone – people don’t need to know you’re out.

If you add electric locks to the door or gate, you can operate these from the user interface. You can also operate lights automatically to illuminate the area around the VDS as well as the entry route to the house.

The Niko video entry was instrumental in a multi-award, assisted living project, where a disabled lady was able to control her whole home and never miss a call, as she could answer the door from her tablet.

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