Niko Home Control - Solar Mode

Smart technology has the potential to transform how efficiently you use energy at home – maximising your usage and minimising your utiity bills.

Niko Home Control – Solar Mode is a case in point. Winner of the 2021 Build It Award for Best Home Technology Product, this clever module for the Niko Home Control system can help you use site-generated electricity (such as from solar PV) more effectively.

If your PV panels generate more energy than you’re currently using, you won’t want to simply feed that excess electricity back to the grid, only to find you have to buy it back later at a much higher cost.

Solar Mode enables you to optimise your solar PV electricty by redirecting that surplus power. For instance, it could go into a hot water tank to boost your heating system’s performance. Or to charge an electric bike, or to run a pre-loaded tumble drier cycle.

With the intuitive Energy User interface for Niko Home Control,  you can also see your live and historic readings. In addition, you can set alerts to notify you, for instance if you’re generating more power than you’re using, have reached maximum demand or even if your solar panels have stopped producing electricity due to a fault.

What the Build It Awards Judges said about Nike Home Control – Solar Mode:

“Niko Solar Mode offers homeowners the opportunity to move away from relying on time-limited government incentives, and use energy more efficiently and intelligently around the home, such as by using solar power to boost a domestic hot water system.”


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