Smart thermostat control niko

Traditionally, people would heat the whole house, with the temperature for a room determined by a central thermostat (in another area!) and by manually tweaking the radiator valves. This is an extremely inefficient method of heating as rooms are always heated unnecessarily.

When zone heating, we add a Niko thermostat in each zone. Each thermostat has its own built-in program and pre-set temperature markers, meaning you can adjust the desired temperatures for every room. The optimum temperature for a bedroom, for instance, will differ from that in a kitchen.

No additional wiring is required with the Niko system. The thermostats connect to the two-wire BUS cable, which is already installed to the wall controls (switches).

Push fit terminals make the thermostats extremely quick and easy to install, and they will work with ANY heat source (gas, biomass, solar thermal etc).

Owners can now centrally control these heating zones by influencing the thermostats to turn down automatically when we leave the house, by arming the intruder alarm for instance, or pressing a designated ‘All Off’ button.

Heating can also be controlled from anywhere in the wold via smart phone or tablet, making Niko heating control an essential and valuable addition to your project!

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