Lights are controlled from wall controls (switches) as well as smart phone or tablet.

However, due to the wiring configuration, a single button press in a room can now operate multiple circuits to create moods – without the need for lots of switches and cabling for individual circuits.

Lights can also operate automatically while you’re out, to give the impression that you’re still at home. They can react to outdoor motion detectors, too. For instance, lights can start to turn on internally when someone comes onto your property!

Lights can also activate immediately when the smoke alarm goes off to aid your escape should you need to get out quickly.

Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night? The bathroom lights will operate at a much softer level than they would in the evening, as they can be time dependant.

Are the children in bed? Then lights will flash briefly instead of a door bell operating, which could disturb them.

The possibilities are limitless and as these benefits are achieved by simple programming, the way the house works can be changed easily if your lifestyle changes or if a new owner moves in. Find out more about the Niko Home Control.

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