Underfloor heating under floorboards

Our super slim retrofit underfloor heating systems allow you to have underfloor heating on all types of subfloors.

Installing wet underfloor heating systems where there is existing flooring can become costly and time consuming due to the massive upheaval needed. We can provide two types of retrofit systems, ‘standard’ and ‘premium’. Both systems are great for complete space heating.

Standard Systems

Our Standard Retrofit/Overfloor underfloor heating solution is a low profile (25mm) 350kPa high quality grooved XPS (Extruded polystyrene) which makes it a great choice for heating on existing floors and a cost effective and efficient way to install underfloor heating in your home.

Premium Systems

The Ultra low profile, rapid action system, has the highest heat output of any retrofit underfloor heating system available in the UK.

The Premium Retrofit/Overfloor underfloor heating solution is an ultra-low profile 18mm Fermacell Gypsum Fibre board system supplied with calcium sulphate filling compound and unique 100mm pipe spacing for the ultimate retrofit/overfloor system.

Can be used over any floor construction, with any floor covering and is suitable for boilers, heat pumps etc.

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