Modular Heating Panels can easily adapt for walls, sloping ceilings or complex roof structures. They are great for renovations and new builds alike, the modular wall heating solution is ideal for living spaces, hallways, extensions and bathrooms.

Sometimes it is not possible to take-up the flooring to install underfloor heating; the modular wall heating panels are an ideal alternative in these circumstances.

The 3 features that make Variotherm Modular Wall Heating one of the best available are:

  1. Efficient – Extremely energy efficient heating system, which provides high heat output and works with low temperatures.
  2. Versatile – Variotherm Modular Panels are made from gypsum fibre boards, and available in different sizes making them versatile and easy to install on walls and sloping ceilings.
  3. Radiant Heating – Variotherm Modular Panels give out radiant heat sufficiently heating rooms and are a great alternative to traditional radiators.

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