Uponor Minitec underfloor heating

Installing an underfloor heating system doesn’t need to be a time consuming process that requires major upheaval or the removal of door frames and permanent fixtures. There is another way….

Introducing Uponor Minitec: the revolutionary retrofit underfloor heating solution, which delivers comfort to your home.

With a building height of less than 15mm (half the size of a pound coin!) Minitec can be applied across many different home configurations and is compatible with a range of floor coverings, including tiles, laminate and carpet.

Please note a professional installer is required to install this product. Technical documentation and how to videos are available for installers.

The Minitec installation process

An Uponor Minitec Underfloor Heating system can be installed in three short steps:

  • Prime the floor
  • Lay the panels and pipe
  • Apply the screed

Key benefits

  • Quick warm-up time- 50-60% quicker than competitor systems
  • Compatible with a range of floor coverings, including tiles, laminates and carpet
  • Reduced heating bills- a saving of 62 kWh per year can be achieved!
  • Easy to customise- can be adapted to fit around obstacles
  • Suitable for new homes and renovation projects

To find out more about this product or to discuss a project, please email:  [email protected]

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“I have been installing Minitec for over 5 years now and for me it is the best system on the market for new builds and renovations. The low installation height coupled with improved flexibility ensures a smoother installation process. ”

– Martin Allen, Heating Solutions

Watch Martin demonstrate how to retrofit Minitec underfloor heating below:

“We have found the Uponor Minitec System plays a valuable role in assisting our customers in reducing their heating and energy bill. Would definitely recommend. ”

– David Jones, Hafod Renewables


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