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25th July 2021

It goes without saying that stairs are an iconic form of the interior architecture of your home. In the planning stages of your home design journey, it is important to pay attention when deciding on which floors to install in your home as you want to make sure that they compliment the interior design and general feel of your home.

Staircases don’t have to be a simple standard anymore, they can incorporate several elements that are popular in modern interior architectural design. From striking shapes to sleek finishes that capture the eye at a first glance.

There are many contemporary designs  that can elevate your home and be a standout feature of your home. Below is a list of our favourite modern staircases out there today.

Minimalist Design

Consisting of a central metal spine supporting solid wooden treads and a glass balustrade, this staircase from Max-Stairs embodies modern simplicity.

The chunky steps are sized to reduce the gap between treads to less than 100mm, complying with the UK standard. This bespoke flight is stained in dark oak and similar designs start from £15,000.

Mix and Match

Walnut treads contrast with the white plastered soffit (underside of the flight) in this semi-cantilevered design from Bisca.

The soffit has a gentle curve, finishing up to the wall, with a similarly twisted handrail. There is a small gap detail to allow for feature lighting at the side of the treads. Bespoke flights start from £25,000.

Modern Technology

Digitally designed and laser cut by the Facit Homes studio as part of a full house build, this staircase appears cantilevered and structurally supported by the wall, but actually rests subtly on the floor.

A parametric design means that each component steps in as the stair rises, accentuating the deceptive effect. Downlights on the balustrade add to the illusion.


Dark Palette

Go for a bold colour, like this design in graphite by Neville Johnson. The interlaced brasswork in the balustrade offers modern industrial style, which can complement traditional schemes. The contrasting grey hues add warmth. Neville Johnson staircase renovations start from £2,000

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Urban Living

Complete Stair Systems designed this contemporary flight. Their model 500 staircase features slimline steel stringers and a frameless glass balustrade, offering an industrial look with warm tones.

Solid timber floating treads offer texture and allow natural light to filter through to the lower level. Priced at£8,000, it is a light, modern and open staircase.

Industrial Vibe

Spiral UK constructed this striking staircase, with a gentle curve and glass balustrade. The treads have a vinyl overlay in a herringbone pattern, to match the flooring downstairs.

Costing around £25,000 the powder-coated steel structure oozes cold urban character, with wood-effect treads offering a softer touch to the strong installation.

Timeless Aesthetic

Pale oak and glass are a winning staircase combination, and this cantilevered design from Westline UK (www.westline is an innovative take on that popular look.

Floating treads allow natural light to filter into the hallway, and foot-level LED lighting illuminates the flight for a subtle glow.

Dramatic Form

This stunning helical staircase features curved glass balustrades from IQ Glass. The frameless, toughened structural glazing, also present on the landings, offers clear sightlines and maximises the flow of daylight.

The glass has a low iron content to reduce the common green tint seen on thick panels. The sculptural flight, with its dark wood treads and handrails offset with white soffits and stringers, is by Spiral UK.

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