How to Design a Luxury Bathroom

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6th August 2013

Creating a spa-like sanctuary is fast becoming one of the biggest trends in bathroom design, according to The Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA). The company’s 2013 trend report predicts a growing demand for glorious glamour, romance and opulence.

It suggests the new style is influenced by the travel and hotel industry, and suits homeowners wanting a place they can relax and unwind in after a long day.

With new technology and good-looking, environmentally friendly and energy efficient products now available, you should find it easy to get the luxury feel.

Planning the design

As with any other bathroom scheme, you must make a comprehensive plan before getting your wallet out. Ask yourself what’s important to you and what you see as the ultimate luxury.

Spa bath by Halfro
The Sensual tub from Hafro is designed to allow the body to achieve the ultimate relaxing position. It offers 20 airpool jets, micro massage and underwater lights
Bespoke bathroom by Woodstock Furniture
Woodstock Furniture transformed a tired bathroom into a luxurious, bespoke space. Walnut veneered cabinets are combined with Corian surfaces and chrome finishes

For example, if you like taking baths, try to find a large tub that you can sink into. If it’s showers you prefer, you might want to look out for a full walk-in space with a huge and powerful showerhead to drench you.

Remember, storage is still essential and can transform a room from a cluttered and chaotic mess into a stream-lined zone.

Next you need to consider layout. If you have the space for a freestanding bath, try placing it in the centre of the room, to act as an interesting focal point. You can then arrange the rest of your bathroom around it.

When deciding on how to keep the space warm, consider underfloor heating rather than a traditional radiator.

“It can be surprisingly inexpensive and easy to install, yet feels delightfully decadent,” says Rob Whitaker at Fired Earth. It’s a lovely feeling stepping out of a shower onto a toasty floor – especially during the winter months.

How to get the spa look

Tactile and texturised bathroom products shout out extravagance and ooze sophistication.

“Marble tiles and surfaces add glamour to the bathroom and can be surprisingly affordable,” says Rob. “Polished white marble is great for a spa-like look, while a softly tumbled finish would be ideal for a more traditional bathroom,” he says.

Main Image: This freestanding bath has transformed this bathroom

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