10 Clever Ideas for Modern Bathrooms

Create a luxurious bathroom that fits your lifestyle with these ideas from Pilkington Glass
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by Pilkington Glass
3rd January 2018

Homes are rapidly progressing to be as high-tech and smart as possible – and the bathroom is no exception.

With the introduction of new technology to the market and vast amounts of choice to suit different tastes, there has never been a better time to upgrade this all important room.

Features that were once either purely functional or purely aesthetic can now work both ways, and even small bathrooms can be modernised to create a truly individual space.

Here are 10 fantastic ideas to help you create the perfect bathroom:

1. Bold flooring

While a more neutral wall paint or paper may be more your taste, that doesn’t mean you can’t add colour to your floors. A brightly coloured tile or painted floorboards can make the difference between a standard bathroom and one with personality.

2. Digital showers

Gone are the days of stepping into a freezing cold shower – for a truly high-tech bathroom you could invest in a luxurious digital shower that can be set to perfect temperature before you even get in.

3. Dramatic walls

A feature wall can add a splash of personality to a room and be coordinated with furnishings to create an elegant look. Think about going for bold colours or even waterproof vinyl wallpapers.

Using a pane of Pilkington Texture Glass over a painted wall could be a unique way to add a contemporary feel. You could even use this decorative glass for features such as partitions to maintain a sense of light and space.

Colour change bathroom lighting
Colour-changing bathroom lighting can allow you to set different moods; whether you need strong task lighting for shaving or a calming atmosphere for a soak in the tub
Textured glass interior partition
Pilkington Texture Glass can be used to divide off spaces - such as dry zones in wetrooms - whilst helping to maintain a strong sense of light and space

4. High-tech lighting

Changing a room’s lighting is a quick and easy way to completely alter the atmosphere, and making use of features like colour changers will significantly upgrade your bathroom. You could also consider getting creative with your mirrors by including technology like sensor lighting around the edges.

5. LED shower heads

Get a spa-like experience at home with tailored showers. Products such as colour-changing heads and aromatherapy showers are now widely available, helping to make the everyday that little bit more luxurious.

6. Multi-functional glass

There’s no reason to consign digital screens to other rooms of the house – Pilkington MirroView allows them to be concealed when switched off, with the surface looking like a normal mirror. So you can have a high-tech screen while still maintaining a light, reflective feature in your bathroom… plus you can catch up on your favourite shows while enjoying a soak in the bath!

Pilkington MirroView

Pilkington MirroView provides a discreet solution for integrating digital screens into the bathroom – with the surface acting as a standard mirror when devices are switched off

7. Stylish heating

Consider switching to underfloor heating for a sleek, minimalistic modern bathroom space – or upgrade your existing radiators to a contemporary towel rail.

8. Tough mirrored surfaces

Make the most of your bathroom by fitting it with toughened mirror-like Pilkington Mirropane Chrome, a high clarity mirrored glass which can help to create light and the illusion of more space.

These mirrors also resistant to corrosion – perfect for applications in a bathrooms, wet rooms and cloakrooms.

9. Towel-warming drawers

With the introduction of new, neater towel warming options, you can create more space in your bathroom by removing the need for large and cumbersome towel rails.

10. An app-controlled experience

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular and there are plenty of features in bathrooms that can be controlled by apps. Everything from lighting to showers can now be controlled from one device – you could even consider a digital screen in your bathroom to sync all your smart products to.

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