Rooflights & Skylights - Polycarbonate Rooflight in Kitchen

Looking for an affordable way to brighten up a room with natural light? A polycarbonate rooflight could be the answer when external design/appearance is not the highest priority. Practical, strong and thermally efficient, polycarbonate rooflights provide an excellent solution.

Rooflights & Skylights polycarbonate rooflights are manufactured from ‘enhanced’ polycarbonate, which is resistant to the effects of aggressive weathering and UV rays. This means that our rooflights remain unaffected by excessive colour changes or loss of light transmission throughout the warranty period which is a minimum of ten years as they are UV protected as standard. Our units come equipped with tamper-proof screwbolt fixings, preventing removal with traditional tools. Additionally, our design aims to protect the glazing from excess pressure and minimise the risk of stress fractures, even if the fixings are overtightened.

Energy-efficient performer

Our range of polycarbonate rooflights offers exceptional thermal performance, as evidenced by the U-Value. Our rooflights offer U-Values as low as 0.85W/m2K, ensuring warmth is retained during winter while keeping excess heat out during the summer months. With triple and quad-glazed units, achieving such low U-Values is well within reach.

Now add fresh air

Our polycarbonate rooflights not only allow daylight to flood into a building but also allow fresh air to enter. Our range includes tailored ventilation options, offering rotary or hinged solutions that can be controlled manually or electrically based upon the level of access to the rooflight.

To select the right polycarbonate rooflight for your project, consider options from the following brands: Mardome, Coxdome and Thermadome.

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