Rooflights & Skylights - Polycarbonate Rooflight in Kitchen

Polycarbonate is a hard, durable and highly versatile form of plastic which is widely used in construction. It is easily moulded into rounded shapes and not only is it a lightweight material, it is also relatively inexpensive – making it ideal for use in rooflights.

A polycarbonate rooflight is very functional, thermally efficient and very cost effective. It offers the advantages of being a Class B ‘Non-Fragile’ material and is available in a range of shapes and sizes such as domes, pyramids, and trapezoidal, and with different glazing options – from single to quad skins.

Triple and quad glazed units can achieve particularly low U-Values, maximising thermal performance. As well as a clear glazing finish, polycarbonate rooflights can also be supplied in diffused finishes for added privacy.

High security fixings

All our rooflights come with tamper-proof screwbolt fixings as standard, which prevent their removal with traditional tools. The fixings are designed to protect the glazing from excess pressure and risk of stress fractures, even if the screws are overtightened. 

Increased functionality

Once you’ve selected a unit, there are also functional options to consider: different ventilation options, rotary or hinged, which can be manual or electric depending on how easy it is to access your rooflight. Should your rooflight need to be used to access your flat roof, an access hatch can be fitted, or perhaps a smoke vent that can help reduce smoke build-up in the event of a fire. All units are available on short leads times in standard sizes, with or without upstands.

Find the right rooflight solution for you from one of the following brands: Thermadome, Coxdome and Mardome.

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