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For an authentic, contemporary and deluxe finish, glass skylights provide a superior offering in unsurpassed quality and choice.

Glass is typically the desired option if the rooflight is visible from outside the property or you want to add a feature to the room. It can provide a sharp and solid finish to your property with options in skin thickness, glazing, frame colours and much more.

Glass options

Roof lanterns and pyramid skylights are normally the first choice. Designed to have minimal yet functional supporting struts, they deliver both visual elegance and superior thermal performance that can create an impressive centrepiece in the room…letting the outside in!

Flat glass skylights can be combined in panels to create larger expanses of glazing. If your flat roof is used as a terrace or balcony area, then hard-wearing walk-on rooflights are the perfect choice. Anti-slip coatings ensure they are the best option for their multipurpose under-foot and over-head function. 

Increased functionality

Once you’ve selected a unit, there are also functional options to consider: different ventilation options, rotary or hinged, which can be manual or electric. If you need/want access to your flat roof, an access hatch can be fitted, or a smoke vent that will help reduce smoke build-up in the event of a fire.

As one of the UK’s leading supplier of fixed and flat glass rooflights, it is important to note that these and can be supplied either with or without an upstand to suit your exact requirements.

Find the right skylight solution for you from one of the following brands: Astroglaze, Lunaglaze, Starglaze, Skylantern and Coxdome.

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