Interior design work comes together

by Gill Deeks
4th June 2010

To celebrate the end of the major building works, Barry and I were planning to take a trip to Italy this month for some sightseeing and a well-earned break.

But alas, the site was busier than ever and there was far too much work for us to do. I can’t really complain though as we have achieved so much recently, and Italy will be there waiting for us when we have finished.

Within a two-week period all the second fix electrics and plumbing were 70% complete.

As soon as we had hot water, we dragged the mattress in from the caravan outside and enjoyed our first night in our new home. After so long sleeping outside this was utter bliss – even more gratifying than a trip to Italy!

We’re also over the moon after making a few savings by using salvaged material.

A pub nearby was being demolished and the builders were getting rid of all kinds of things. We managed to get hold of some wood flooring, which looked great.

Barry and Nick have laid these oak boards in the dinning area in the kitchen and also in the lounge – it’s just fantastic and great to know we are reusing waste.

We’ve done a bit of bargain hunting, too. On our way up to a garden centre in North London, we came across a granite supplier –

We had a look at their products and they were good quality, and extremely reasonably priced. We decided to use them and they supplied all our granite worktops for just £1,000 – a fantastic deal.

The kitchen is coming along well. I had drawn and painted some designs of what I wanted it all to look like and it is really coming together to perfection. I can’t wait to use it.

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