Are there problems with the glazing?

Gill Deeks’ self build home blog: Have our window installers fitted the right double glazing?
by Gill Deeks
13th June 2010

The last few weeks haven’t been without hiccups.

In fact, we had a moment of mild hysteria at one point – thankfully this was quickly replaced with total euphoria.

It was the day the glaziers finished their work. They had been on site for two long days fitting window panes throughout the house and then putting back every single one of the 1,200 pieces of beading that we had taken out and painted.

Barry asked them for the paper work as proof that we had ordered and fitted the highest quality Argon-filled glass – which we needed to get in order to pass our Code for Sustainable Homes assessment.

This glass, supplied by Pilkington, has a very low U-value, which means that it’s extremely insulating, something that can earn several points as part of any Code assessment.

The trouble was, the information on the paperwork wasn’t tallying and so for one nasty moment, we thought we had fitted the whole house with the wrong glass!

Thankfully after several phone calls and checks of the various emails and order forms we’ve collected over the months, we found the proof we were looking for so could all breathe a sigh of relief! The glaziers went home, and we enjoyed a well-earned glass of wine and Chinese takeaway.

An even bigger high was seeing the scaffolding come down. It felt just like unwrapping a huge birthday present.

Not only could we see the house properly for the first time, but by removing the extra 2m width that the scaffolding took up, it made the house look even more spectacular on the plot.

Taking everything into consideration, to sum things up this month we are exhausted but delighted!

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