Modular developer announces self build partnership

Charley Ward
by Charley Ward
17th March 2019

Smart modular property developer Project Etopia and self build package company Tribus Homes have announced a partnership to enable more people to build a house using a modular build system.

The two firms will work together under the name E-Tribus and the collaboration comes after a pilot of four luxury self built properties in Devon, Somerset, Northamptonshire and Kent.

These homes cost on average £1,500-£3,500 per m2 and take just one to four weeks to construct. The modular system means small teams of three people can erect the structures without need for cranes.

Joseph Daniels, CEO of Project Etopia, said: “We want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to live in their dream home, whether that’s as part of a large development, or one they have built themselves.

“The experience Tribus has in the self build market makes them the perfect partners to extend our range of homes to those wishing to be their own property developer, wherever they want to live and however they want it to look.”

A high-tech five-bedroom E-Tribus home, designed to a customer’s specifications in Wellington, Somerset, cost £400,000 to build. The average price for a similar residence in Wellington is £463,749.

Self builds have become more popular in recent years as people have struggled to find their perfect home in the area they want to live in.

More self build mortgages have been launched in recent years, while the Welsh Government announced a £210million fund to help people build their own homes, as well as making plots of land available.

Modular home

Lee McArdle, co-founder of Tribus Homes, says: “By working with Project Etopia, we have access to an ambitious modular homes provider who can help self builders achieve stunning sustainable homes.

“We can prove the case for modular homes as the way forward across the whole housing market.”

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