Where can I find solar PV slates?

26 February 2019
by Elizabeth Holt

I am renovating a property in a National Park and had been interested in using PV solar slate.

I have never seen any articles discussing these products in detail and the adverts that used to appear in the magazines seem to have been discontinued.

Is the product not available any more?

2 Answers

  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    The Cupa Pizarra’s Thermoslate solar panels generate renewable, clean, environmentally-friendly energy. The solar panels are completely undetectable once installed on to a slate roof.

    There are two types of installation you can choose from: hooks and nails.

    Thermoslate integrates perfectly with natural slate roofs using a 50x25cm format, and we advise homeowners to use these in conjunction with Cupa Pizarras roofing slates. The slate thickness is 5mm, adding durability, strength and value roofs.

    If you need more advise and you want to discuss the specifics of your project (such as your location), you can get in touch with us via the Build It Directory Cupa Pizarras page and we’ll be able to offer more assistance.

    Yasmin, from the Cupa Pizarras Team.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    I have asked the team at Cupa Pizarras to explain a bit more about their product. As you can see, the solar PV tiles you refer to are still very much available.

    You can browse our Products Directory to find trusted companies that work with self builders and renovators.

    Hope this helps.

    Best wishes,

    Sofia – Build It’s digital assistant editor

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