Self-Build Bill Progresses to House of Lords

by Chris Bates
16th January 2015

The Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Bill, which sets out the legislation required to put a Right to Build in place, has passed its third and final reading at the House of Commons and is set to be debated in the Lords.

If adopted, the private member’s bill, brought forward by South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon and co-sponsored by Lord Best, will make it easier for groups and individuals to acquire land for self-build and custom home developments.

The bill, which has gained cross-party support, would require local authorities to keep a register of people who want to acquire land to build their own home.

The demand established by this register must then be taken into account when councils are developing their planning policies. This will set the legislative framework for land to be earmarked specifically for self and custom build schemes and open the door to the Right to Build scheme, which is currently being trialled by 11 vanguard councils.

The bill was briefly introduced in the House of Lords on 12th January. A first full reading is due in early February. You can follow the progress of the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Bill via the government’s online legislation tracker.

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