Woodburning Stove Makes a Stylish Centrepiece

A woodburner can provide the perfect focal point for your living room. Worcester's Greenstyle Hanbury stove added warmth and style to Jacquie Lane's home
Worcester Bosch Group
by Worcester Bosch Group
23rd May 2017

When Jacquie Lane bought her 1960s bungalow, she and her partner Paul set their sights on updating it to suit their lifestyle. One key goal was to create a modern, cosy living room – so they decided to strip the space back to its bare walls and redesign it around a woodburning stove, which would act as an eye-catching focal point whilst also heating the zone.

Picking the right woodburning stove

With the help of installer, Glow Green, the couple opted for Worcester’s Greenstyle Hanbury stove, which comes in three sizes. With its curved cabriole legs, cornice top and cast-iron, matt black finish, it was ideal for achieving the timeless look they were after.

Fact file
  • OwnerJacquie Lane
  • LocationWest Sussex
  • House typeTwo-bed bungalow
  • Key productGreenstyle Hanbury 4 woodburning stove
  • SupplierWorcester, Bosch Group

Specifying the right output was vital in order to ensure the appliance would be efficient in use. Glow Green performed the required heat loss calculations and identified the 4kW size as being best-suited to the zone.

To make way for the new stove, the couple had the previous outdated fireplace removed and the chimney breast opened up. Glow Green’s engineers then checked the condition of the chimney and fitted a flue within it to safely remove the smoke, hot gases and other by-products from operating the appliance.

A week later, once the rest of the space had been decorated, they returned to install the stove. “The process was really quick and straightforward,” says Jacquie.

As part of the work, the couple were advised that the stove would need to stand on a suitable heat-resistant surface – and they saw this as a great opportunity to add a touch of personality to the feature.

Paul took on the job of crafting the hearth from a piece of marble that had started life as a kitchen worktop. This was paired with a wooden beam, sourced online and carved to form a mantel. All of this contributes to a simple, stylish look that complements the traditional feel of the cast-iron appliance.

Living with a stove

“The woodburner is a lovely addition to the room,” says Jacquie. “It’s extremely efficient compared to the old fireplace, heats the space very quickly and gives off good heat even after the logs have burned down.”

On the advice of their installer, the couple only uses wood that has a moisture content of less than 20%; which means the stove doesn’t have to boil away water before the timber burns. This allows them to generate maximum warmth, helps protect the stove from particle build-up in the flue and chimney, and prevents the glass door from blackening.

The couple find the unit easy to run. “There are air control levers at the front to adjust the flames, so you can switch from a roaring fire to a gentle flicker with ease,” says Jacquie. “As it operates separately we can just warm the living room when we want it – rather than the whole property. It’s reduced our central heating use, as the stove can warm the living room, hallway and entrance.” What’s more, the appliance’s ash-catcher means maintenance is simple.

A great investment

In total, the project cost just over £3,300, including installation and the works to the chimney. The Hanbury stove itself is priced from £699.

“Glow Green advised us on a financial package and we saved some money by making the hearth and mantel ourselves,” says Jacquie. “We love having a natural heat source and the fact that we’re able to supply our own fuel. It’s particularly nice over winter, as the room feels really cosy. Plus it’s a great feature even when it’s not burning.”

Worcester, Bosch Group is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency domestic boilers, accessories and renewable technologies. Worcester has two models of woodburning stoves, available in a variety of sizes. The collection offers styles to suit modern and traditional homes and a range of outputs to heat most spaces. For further information about Worcester Greenstyle Stoves visit www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/stoves or call 0330 123 9339.

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