NIBE air source heat pump

The NIBE air source systems consist of an outdoor module combined with an indoor or control module (VVM 320, SMO 20 or SMO S40). This forms a complete climate system that is easy to install, operate and maintain. The modules work with any kind of terrain and are compatible with a variety of energy sources, and additional solutions for ventilation and pool heating can be added to the system.

The NIBE F2040 are a range of intelligent and compact inverter controlled air source heat pumps. This means they provide optimum savings because the heat pumps automatically adapt to your home’s output requirements all year round. Quiet as well as efficient, these heat pumps are available in four outputs; 6, 8, 12 and 16 kW and work down to an outdoor temperature of –20°C and at the same time providing up to 58°C in supply line temperature.

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