NIBE Heat pump module

NIBE SMO Control modules provide a flexible solution that you can easily customise, allowing you to integrate your heat pump with both existing or new systems. Additional heat sources and other accessories are chosen specifically for the actual set-up.

The entry model NIBE SMO 20 is a perfect choice for a system with heating and hot water supply. It handles one heat pump and has a limited range of accessories. Onboard functionality supports control of charge pump, 3-step addition both for heating and hot water, main circulator pump, a switching valve for hot water and an AUX relay.

For more advanced functionality the NIBE SMO S40 is an intelligent control module, providing optimised control over your indoor climate system. Combined with one or more NIBE air source heat pumps, water heaters or additional heat sources, the NIBE SMO S40 offers a complete climate system for properties.

The NIBE SMO S40 offers maximum flexibility when it comes to system solutions. The control module can be connected to components such as a water heater, additional heat sources and other accessories, allowing for customised installations. Up to eight NIBE air source heat pumps can be connected to a control system.

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