NIBE ERS Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

Our home is where we find comfort, so every home needs to breathe. We provide you with the ability to optimise your ventilation. The NIBE ERS is designed for installation with a NIBE Ground or Air Source Heat Pump. With a high temperature efficiency of up to 92% and low energy consumption this unit is a complete control system; integrating heating, hot water and ventilation.

Moisture, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and dust mites are all sources of indoor pollution that can collect in your home and cause adverse health effects. With the average person estimated to spend 90% of their time indoors, ventilation has never been so important.

NIBE ERS MVHR units ventilate your home and creates a healthy, comfortable environment to live in.  It works to remove polluted air from “wet” rooms in your home and supply fresh, pre heated, air to your habitable rooms.

Available in two sizes, the ERS 10-400 and ERS 20-250 units are suitable for property floor areas up to 300m2 and 200m2 respectively. Additional ventilation capacity can be achieved by connecting up to 4 ERS modules onto a single heat pump.

Thanks to smart technology, this product gives you control over your energy consumption and will be a key part of your connected lifestyle. The efficient control system automatically adjusts the indoor climate for maximum comfort, doing nature a favour at the same time.

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