Cambridge Cohousing Breaks Ground

Cambridge's Marmalade Lane cohousing project is now on site - with 42 sustainable, community-led homes set to be built
by Andrew Hobbs
1st August 2017

Cambridge’s first cohousing community project has just got underway on the newly dubbed Marmalade Lane. 42 properties are to be built ranging in size from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom houses – all designed to promote a sustainable lifestyle and community cohesion.

Due for completion in July 2018, the project was first conceived in 2013 and was granted planning permission late last year.

In collaboration with the council and Cambridge Cohousing, developer TOWNhus has created a flexible custom build route. The approach allows buyers to select a shell system before following a step-by-step customisation approach – which is then carried out by the contractor.

While the interior finishes of the dwellings will be completely up to the purchasers’ tastes, the external facades will share a uniform aesthetic, with a limited choice of finishes.

The development will include a number of shared facilities to promote a community lifestyle, including a common house and community gardens and kitchen.

The properties are being bought at market rate using standard high street finance schemes though early adopters were also given an additional discount.

The latest update indicated that there are currently eight units left available, all with 999 year leases, with some shared ownership units being released later in the year.

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