Nestled in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, a tranquil timber frame house graces the landscape. Crafted from Western Red Cedar, this home has a natural charm. Situated near the picturesque River Gade, the village boasts stunning lakes, one of which cradles a timber garden house fitted with exquisite wooden louvres by Sunshield.

Thrilled to collaborate with the homeowners, Sunshield tailored custom external louvres, offering an ideal solution to combat glare and heat gain. The client, sought a shading system to diminish heat gain and glare entering the internal space. Additionally, they desired a solution to completely block out light during the night.

With south-facing windows, the tiltable external louvres proved perfect for shading and heat reduction. Our team expertly applied our popular 98W louvre, crafted from Western Red Cedar, seamlessly complementing the overall aesthetic of the building. This choice not only fulfilled the practical need for light control but also enhanced the visual appeal of the timber frame house.

Beyond functionality, the louvres serve as a testament to Sunshield’s commitment to merging innovative solutions with architectural beauty. The combination of form and function in this project showcases the versatility of our products, offering a harmonious blend of practical shading and aesthetic enhancement. The result is a contemporary oasis, where light is masterfully controlled to create an inviting and comfortable living space.

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