In a picturesque new build home, equipped with 155-E Louvre’s both at the front and back, a client sought our expertise to combat overheating issues. The front facade hosts a Louvre system spanning over 14 square meters, seamlessly operated by a single motor. Meanwhile, the rear louvre system is divided into two nearly 11 square meter sections, each independently controlled by its own motor for tailored comfort.

The selected louvre model, the 155-E, a sleek flat design with a gutter feature. This unique gutter design ensures not only overlapping but also interlocking of the blades, enhancing the total blackout effect. This makes the 155-E particularly suited for bedrooms, providing optimal light control and privacy.

To further enhance light blockage, the residents opted for side hoods, effectively darkening the 155-E louvres even further. All aluminium components, including the side covers, are coated in RAL 7016 anthracite grey, creating a striking contrast against the rustic charm of the country house. The jet-moulded plastic parts complement this aesthetic with their sleek black finish.

The residents are delighted with their decision to install Sunshield louvres. They attest that the louvre systems have exceeded their expectations, providing effective solutions to their overheating concerns while enhancing the beauty and functionality of their home.

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