In this remarkable new build home, the apex glazing above the facade spans over 22 square meters. Sunshield louvres have been ingeniously installed to address the customer’s needs for both heat reduction and glare control. The apex at the rear is now fitted with bespoke aluminium louvres. Notably, each side of the louvres is equipped with its own motor, allowing for separate operation which means our client can control the louvres and adjust for different settings for each. This will help reduce glare as well as solar heat.

The residents chose the 155-E louvre model for its optimal performance, our 155-E Louvre is a very popular choice. With a height of 155 mm and a unique channel design, the 155-E louvre not only provides effective shading but also ensures complete room darkening. The overlapping and interlocking mechanism of these louvres make them ideal for achieving maximum darkness when desired.

To complement the aesthetics of the home, all aluminium parts are coated in RAL 9004 – signal black, while the plastic components are finished in black, ensuring a seamless integration with the overall design scheme.

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