Dan Wood Southgate

David and Sue Southgate were initially quite sceptical at the thought of building a ‘prefab’ house. But when their neighbour built a Dan-Wood house their attitude totally changed when they saw the quality of the finished product.

So they dropped their original idea of converting a barn and built a 2-storey Dan-Wood Plaza 216E instead. And once they had signed-off on the drawings, after a few months all they had to do was sit back and watch the whole thing come together when the Dan-Wood team arrived to build the house in a matter of weeks.

Says David: “Having seen the house go up, you wonder why construction is still the same old way. This is the way forward that houses have got to be better built, more efficient, and surely this is a step in the right direction. Even surveyors have come round and remarked at how it’s nice to find a place that’s actually got square walls and where everything is finished so neatly.

“I think one of the biggest compliments was from an estate agent who’d been in the business for 25 years and when he walked in he said, ‘this is one of the nicest houses I’ve walked into’.”

The Southgate’s made some modifications to the original house design, which is possible with all Dan-Wood houses styles. They removed the study wall, changed the position of the staircase and installed a double balcony.

“We didn’t have to worry about anything else until they handed the keys to us. It’s a tremendous advantage to have one company looking after everything from start to finish.”

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