Dan Wood

Victoria Norris first heard about Dan-Wood when she was driving home one day and was held up by a crane unloading part of a Dan-Wood house nearby.

Victoria and her husband, Charles, took the opportunity to view the house when it was nearly completed and were so impressed that they decided to build their own house with the company.

“We’d been looking for a new home for quite a while but found the choice of homes in the UK was quite limited with very similar designs and functionality,” says Charles, a chartered surveyor. “But Dan-Wood offers so many design choices that we were able to choose exactly what we wanted for ourselves, as opposed to buying from what a developer has chosen.”

The Norris’s chose a 1.5-storey Dan-Wood Point 189E house with large windows in the sitting room, facing west to make the most of the sun and open views. This design has five bedrooms, one of which is on the ground floor with its own shower room but could easily be a study or office.

“We knew exactly what the final price of the house was going to be, and this was secured for 12 months which made budgeting easy,” says Charles. “We also wanted a ‘green’ way of living and Dan-Wood provides all this and more. As a chartered surveyor, I was very impressed with the standard of construction, combined with the excellent insulation and airtightness qualities.”

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