baufritz atherton front view

Located in the north London suburb of Northwood, country house design Atherton is a substantial family home constructed on an existing building plot.

The clients wished for a highly detailed and very personal residence, explains Baufritz sales director Ben Fulton. “They really loved the energy plus rating of our Baufritz houses and suddenly bought into the idea of building a house with mostly sustainable materials”. The architect’s brief reflected a requirement to blend modern contemporary styles with a more traditional practical design. The final output is sympathetic to the surrounding area yet is also able to deliver light and comfortable living expected with a modern design.

The house design leans very much to the classical mansion or Revivalist designs of the previous century with stone corners and classical elements. First impressions while entering from the driveway accentuate the classic features: a front door with a gable roof and white stone pillars and large, white windows finished in a classic sash style. Depth and breadth are achieved from a central gable roof with an Oxeye window.

With contemporary good looks, this amazing build is more than simply the product of wanting to build a new home. It is an exceptional eco home which projects the joy of design and build, for both the owner and Baufritz´s on-site team alike.

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