Distinctive, cutting-edge design

This distinctive three-storey house with an elegant black timber façade, accentuates minimal stripped-down design from a clearly organised structure to a streamlined black wooden cube. Highlights include Corten steel elements, a large glass frontage, and an integrated photovoltaic system. The low-lying glass element on the south side with the water basin placed in front of it is like a work of art, with the wave movements of the water surface being reflected inside the house.

Although the completed house looks industrial, sustainability is key to its design and construction. The wall of PV generates around 12,000 KW of electricity a year, more than the house needs.

Baufritz convinced the client of the many advantages of a healthy, ecological and extremely energy-efficient naturally constructed house, which meets the highest energy efficiency standards and requires very little energy for heating, ventilation and electricity. This is down to the perfect bio-insulation in the entire building, the triple-glazed wood-aluminium windows and patio doors and the special building services concept that was adopted by the client.

“We allowed ourselves well over a year for the planning process. During this time, many long and intensive discussions took place with our Baufritz Architect Mr Engelhardt, and many ideas were considered.  Mr Engelhardt was excellent at understanding our needs and ideas and transferring them flexibly into what was “doable”.” – Gabriele and Hartmut Pawliczec

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