This cantilevered oak staircase is a prime example of how a staircase can perfectly blend with the character and structure of the building it belongs to. Our self-build clients were looking for staircase inspiration from Bisca; they felt the staircase had been ‘forgotten’ to a degree, through a long and iterative planning process.

Playing to our strengths, our clients were looking for creative flair that explored the space in full and maximised its attributes, such as the flow of light and the character of the unique building they were constructing.

Once we established the preferred stair plan, materials and building interfaces were the next important consideration. Bisca started by incorporating the curved wall into our design scope, knowing that the success factor of the final design would rely on the relationship between how this wall would merge with the staircase treads and the balustrade.

The client selected oak with a raised grain for the treads, to match the colour and tone of the timber beams used within the construction of the building’s frame. Glass was proposed for the balustrade, , along with an open rise to the treads, to encourage as much light as possible to flow through the staircase structure. An oak handrail capped the landing balustrade balustrade, wrapping around the curved plastered wall, from which the cantilevered treads were suspended.

As with all self-build clients we work with, from the moment we receive a commission, we take any stress and worry away from them by quickly establishing strong relationships with their extended team.

For more information about this project, please get in touch with one of the Bisca team and mention project 9273.

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