Stacked spiral staircase

Bespoke spiral stairs in pale timber connecting the kitchen and new basement as part of a comprehensive renovation project.

The two primary materials used in the design are Ash and forged steel, creating a contrasting partnership highlighting the beauty of each.

Our clients asked for a spiral that was both fun and quirky, and used materials that linked the look of their Scandinavian style kitchen with the more rustic, entertainment space in the basement.

We designed a spiral staircase without the visible central column that typifies a spiral.  We used a hidden column that supports the treads and allows the full effect of the stacked design to be realised, accentuating the stepped core.

Timber used in the design is FSC Ash, with an Arctic finish created by a custom blend of oils.

The block treads are solid Ash planks that are engineered around a ply core for stability as well as their dominant aesthetic. Treads terminate in a feature plinth as the stair reaches basement level.

The handrail is an extra wide oval profile, both for look and feel, and sweeps continuously around the landing before spiralling down the staircase.

Uprights and tread nosing protectors are forged steel with a custom coppered finish, created to match the light fittings in the property.  All metal work was hand crafted in house by Bisca’s own blacksmiths.

For more information please speak to a member of the Bisca team and ask about project 7386.

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