This self-build client wanted their staircase to become a sculptural feature within the hall of their property. It would integrate seamlessly with the rest of the house, giving the feel that it had been there forever, combining soft and minimalistic qualities. It was also essential to maximise the view from the front door through to the garden and beyond. Therefore, Bisca’s starting point was to develop a staircase layout which framed the space and did not impact the vista.

As the building is constructed from a timber frame, the oak used in the staircase needed to add to this character.  Bisca proposed reclaimed Vodka Oak to complement both the interior scheme and the building structure. The spine carried the chunky treads with an open rise, not overpowering the sense of space and allowing light to travel through the ground floor. To achieve the most comfortable staircase, winder treads were incorporated, accentuating the curves and sense of fluidity.

To create the desired sculptural feel of the staircase, Bisca incorporated a central spine to its design which curved and rose helically between the ground and first floor. The white-painted steel central spine was connected to the building at the head and foot only, free-floating in the space.

To the inside of the staircase, the guarding is provided by hand-forged textured stainless-steel uprights with a satin finish, absorbing colours from the surrounding interior scheme.  Glass guards the outside of the staircase and also forms the bridge balustrade – keeping an open feel in the entrance lobby.

An oval oak handrail provides the finishing touch; this adds to the sculptural feel as it sinuously flows from the upper landing along the inside of the stair, creating elegant transitions and finishing with a soft, feature newel, grounded to the lower floor.

For more information about this particular project, please get in touch with one of the Bisca team and mention 7331 or ask us about the possibilities of incorporating repurposed timber into your staircase project.

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